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Titles The Walking City
Nation Qadira, Kelesh
Region Alavah Peninsula
Ruler Zahaidah al-Efe

Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 53

Yalakheen is a sacred city of the deity Yahaiya located in the Alavah Desert of Qadira. Its residents are priestesses of the goddess who tend to visitors seeking their prayers to be fulfilled, usually through suicidal sacrifice.[1]


According to local criosphinxes, the city—much of which is ruined—rests on an ancient criosphinx burial site.[1]


Zahaidah al-Efe operates the temple, greets petitioners, and turns away most other visitors.[1]


In addition to the priestesses of Yahaiya, a number of fey also live in the city and go so far as to impersonate the priestesses in order to entrap unwitting visitors and petitioners.[1]


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