The Caemorin

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The Caemorin is a sprawling, gently rolling steppe in southeastern Iobaria that lies between the great forests of Fangard and Duroth Wood and the Myrfrus River.[1] Covered in a sea of tall grasses and dotted with stands of scrubs and coniferous trees, the Caemorin is known to hold both natural riches and great dangers, including exotic plants and animals unfamiliar to those who come from the west.[2] Humanoid trappers and Rashalka centaur tribes hunt the numerous animals that wander the Caemorin's fertile plains for both their meat and their valuable pelts.[1]

In 1900 AR the centaur of the Caemorin were united under the banner of Errindayn the Seer and sacked many of the region's humanoid towns, including the port city of Mirnbay, which resulted in centuries of animosity between the races.[3]