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Ezren, universalist wizard
(Arcane school)

Thassilonian sin
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Spell list
Source: Core Rulbeook pg. 82 (1E),
Core Rulebook pg. 203 (2E)

Universalist wizards do not specialize in a school of magic.12

Classical scholars have categorized some spells, such as prestidigitation and wish, under a believed ninth school of magic, the universal school.3 More recent scholars have categorized all spells strictly into only the eight conventional schools, for example defining prestidigitation as an evocation spell and wish as a divination spell.1

On Golarion

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With the removal of the eight schools of magic as part of the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project, Player Core pg. 200–201 introduced the Unified Magical Theory with equivalent mechanics as the universal practice of all eight schools.

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