Elemental augmentation

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Elemental augmentation
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Caster Level (1E)
Wondrous item:
elemental augmentation
Slot (1E)
Often Quantium
Source: Elemental Master's Handbook, pg(s). 24f.

An elemental augmentation is a type of wondrous item which permanently alters a portion of the recipient's body by infusing it with primordial powers: elemental energy. An augmented body part is forever altered; the elemental augmentation remains until the body part is removed, which can have some unfortunate and painful side effects. Elemental augmentations come with some powerful advantages, but also carry some corresponding weaknesses.12


In the past, elemental augmentations were readily available but, latterly, only rare experts can create these wondrous items. Quantium is a known destination for those seeking elemental augmentation as many there are skilled in the art, but some charlatans in the trade can cause devastating harm to their victims.1

Construction and use

Elemental augmentations are crafted as though they were wondrous items requiring similar skills from the maker; additionally, deep knowledge of the planes is also a requirement. The finished article may only be consumed by willing recipients and the process takes about an hour to conclude. Unless the recipient has a healthy constitution, the augmentation process could fail utterly and the wondrous item is then lost. Regardless of success or failure, the process takes a huge toll on the recipient's body. Elemental augmentations are costly frequently priced in tens of thousands of gold pieces.1

Types of elemental augmentations

Elemental augmentations target only a specific area of the body, aligning that part with a particular element. Many types of elemental augmentation have been developed, including:1


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