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Anyone who's wondering: I'm still around, just super busy. You're still in my startup tabs, don't worry. :)

What I'm Dabbling In

I'm an obsessive collector type of guy, so I'll be focussing on Portal:Fiction primarily.

Where I'm Experimenting

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Base sets

In which I obsess over page standardization.

| image       = [[File:Mummy's Mask Base Set.jpg|250px|Mummy's Mask Base Set]]
| website     =
| title       = Pathfinder Adventure Card Game:<br>''Mummy's Mask Base Set''
| author      = [[Mike Selinker]] ''et al.''
| author1     = Mike Selinker
| author2     = Lone Shark Games
| publisher   = [[Paizo Inc.]]
| pubcode     = PZO6030
| price       = $59.99
| released    = October 19, 2016
| expected    =
| type        = Base Set
| decksize    = More than 500 cards
| isbn        = 978-1-60125-897-7
| rules       = [[Pathfinder Adventure Card Game]]
| series      = [[Mummy's Mask]]
| follows     = ''[[City of Locusts Adventure Deck]]''
| precedes    = ''[[Mummy's Mask Character Add-On Deck]]''
| awards      = 
| errata      =
| enhance     =
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== Cards ==

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Name Qty. Type Traits Artist Notes and flavor text index
Alahazra 3 Character female, human, oracle Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Recursor, Seeker), and token cards.
Damiel 3 Character male, elf, alchemist Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Toxicologist, Mad Scientist), and token cards.
Estra 3 Character female, human, spiritualist Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Ectoplasmatist, Speaker to the Dead), and token cards.
Ezren 3 Character male, human, wizard Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Arcane Bomber, Spell Sage), and token cards.
Simoun 3 Character female, janni, rogue Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Bladewind, Lightning Thief), and token cards.
Yoon 3 Character female, human, kineticist Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Firestarter, Pan-Elementalist), and token cards.
Zadim 3 Character male, human, slayer Wayne Reynolds Character, roles (Executioner, Outrider), and token cards.
Bazaar/Scourge Table 1 Support Nick Silva (Bazaar)
Concept Art House (Scourge)
Defensive Stance 1 Support Vicky Yarova
Curse of Daybane 3 Scourge curse, undead Vicky Yarova Index: The Orb of Ra.
Curse of Poisoning 8 Scourge curse, undead Vicky Yarova
Curse of Vulnerability 3 Scourge curse Vicky Yarova
Falsin Deek 1 Trader Tawny Fritz Index: Aspis Consortium, Osirion, Shining Mountains.
Hadden Hoppert 1 Trader Ramón Nuñez
Smiths of Wati 1 Trader Evgeny Dobolev
Mummy's Mask 1 Adventure Path Tyler Jacobson Index: element, Golarion, Osirion, Pharaoh, undead.
Cross the Pharaoh's Land 1 Adventure Yong Yi Lee Index: element, Osirion, Wati.
All that Glitters Begets Gold 1 Scenario Vicky Yarova Index: Aspis Consortium, Falsin Deek, gold, Shining Mountains, silver, Wati.
A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will 1 Scenario Vicky Yarova Index: camel.
Desiccated Delirium 1 Scenario Vicky Yarova Index: Pharasma.
The Tainted Tower 1 Scenario Vicky Yarova Index: alchemist, antidote, Set, Thuvian alchemist.
Forged in Flames 1 Scenario Vicky Yarova Index: ifreeti (sic), river Sphinx, Wati.
Alchemical Laboratory 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: element, Thuvian alchemy, Osirion.
Brickworks 1 Location Litos Lopez Rodriguez Index: brickwork, Bright River Brickworks, necropolis, The Silver Chain, The Veins, Wati.
Caravanserai 1 Location James Martin Index: caravanserai, mint tea.
Catacombs 1 Location James Martin
Crypt 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: ghost.
Dilapidated Plaza 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: element.
Earthworks 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: desert mouse, earthwork, Osirion.
Embalming Parlor 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: alchemy, Osirion.
Glass Pavilion 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: element.
Hot Springs 1 Location Nick Silva Index: element, plane.
Howling Sands 1 Location Nick Silva
Mausoleum 1 Location Forrest Imel Index: gearwork, stonework, trap.
Oasis 1 Location Nick Silva
Peasant Tombs 1 Location Nick Silva Index: Pharasma, soul.
Precious Mine 1 Location Roberto Gatto Index: automaton, mining lamp, ore, silver.
Quarry 1 Location Dominik Mayer Index: giant, marble, Osirion, stonecutter,
Ruined Temple 1 Location Alessandro Poli
Scorched Ruins 1 Location Alessandro Poli Index: ifreeti (sic).
Shifting Dunes 1 Location Alessandro Poli Index: Ra, sand eel.
Smoking Den 1 Location Alessandro Coli Index: pesh, smoking den.
Stonework Passages 1 Location Andreasa Rocha Index: element, trap.
Sulfur Pits 1 Location Andreas Rocha Index: acid, alchemist, curse, doctor, ore, painter, sulfur.
Surgery 1 Location Andreas Rocha Index: doctor, Osirion, Selket, soul.
Thornscrub 1 Location Dominik Mayer Index: plant, thornscrub, venom.
Towering Obelisk 1 Location Sally Gottschalk Index: cartouche.
Volcanic Vents 1 Location Javier Rodriguez Index: element, Ra, volcano.
Warehouse 1 Location Javier Rodriguez Index: stevedore.
Windswept Chasm 1 Location Javier Rodriguez Index: element.
Bonecrusher Master 1 Villain gnoll, rogue Ben Wootten Index: Tehrk Fourwinds.
Ifreeti 1 Villain outsider, elemental, janni, fire Sally Gottschalk Index: Osirian.
Mirage 1 Villain trigger, obstacle Bryan Sola Index: Golarion, illusionist, Osirion History Guide.
Sandstorm 6 Villain trigger, obstacle, weather Ben Wootten Index: gynosphinx, Tetisurah.
Thuvian Alchemist 1 Villain human, alchemist, poison Vicky Yarova
Tukanem-Hanam 1 Villain dragon, undead, mummy, electricity Ben Wootten
Acid Pool 5 Henchman obstacle, acid, veteran Tawny Fritz
Aghash 5 Henchman trigger, curse, outsider, electricity, veteran Eva Widermann
Alchemical Golem 3 Henchman construct, alchemical Damien Mammoliti
Conflagration 6 Henchman trigger, obstacle, weather, fire, veteran Craig J. Spearing
Fire Spirit 5 Henchman outsider, elemental, fire Scott Murphy
Forgotten Pharaoh Cultist 5 Henchman human, cultist, veteran Miguel Regodón Harkness
Giant Sand Eel 1 Henchman animal, veteran Erik Lofgren
Mining Construct 4 Henchman construct Robert Lazzaretti
Natron Zombie 1 Henchman undead, mummy, veteran Evgeny Sobolev
Paracletus 1 Henchman outsider, elemental Alberto Del Lago
Voices of the Spire 5 Henchman human, inquisitor, veteran Arthur Ortega
Blasphemous Priest 1 Monster undead, cleric, elite Tyler Walpole
Bonecrusher Hunter 2 Monster trigger, gnoll, veteran Ben Wootten
Bonecrusher Hyenamaster 2 Monster trigger, gnoll, basic Ben Wootten
Bonecrusher Wizard 2 Monster trigger, gnoll, wizard, elite Ben Wootten
Caravan Raider 2 Monster human, veteran Jon Neimeister
Death Hound 1 Monster animal, curse, basic David Melvin
Desert Trapper 2 Monster human, veteran Tim Kings-Lynne
Emperor Cobra 2 Monster animal, poison, basic Kez Laczin
Fire Hydra 2 Monster aberration, fire, basic Tyler Walpole
Geniekin 2 Monster trigger, outsider, elemental, janni, veteran Ben Wootten
Ghost Scorpion 2 Monster trigger, animal, poison, basic Dean Spencer
Hyena 2 Monster trigger, animal, basic Imaginary Friends
Magma Spirit 2 Monster outsider, elemental, fire, basic Alex Shim
Sand Creeper 2 Monster trigger, outsider, elemental, basic Jim Pavalec
Scarab Swarm 2 Monster trigger, vermin, swarm, poison, veteran Chris Seaman
Shock Elemental 2 Monster outsider, elemental, electricity, basic Rayph Beisner
Shock Toad 2 Monster animal, electricity, basic Evgeny Sobolev
Skeletal Jackal 2 Monster undead, skeleton, basic Michele Condosta
Yellow Jelly 1 Monster ooze, acid, basic Francis Tsai
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