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Sally Gottschalk

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Sally Gottschalk

Montreal, Canada
Germany (originally)
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Sally Gottschalk is an illustrator and concept artist whose works have been published by Paizo Inc., Reality Twist GmbH, Aesir Interactive GmbH, and more.

Pathfinder credits

Art credits

Title Date Notes
Occult Origins 1510 October 2015
Summon Monster Pawn Collection 1511 November 2015 Cover and pawn art
Agents of Evil 1512 December 2015
Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide 1602 February 2016 Cover art
Down the Blighted Path 1602 February 2016
Armor Master's Handbook 1604 April 2016
Ire of the Storm 1605 May 2016
Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection 1608 August 2016
Book of the Damned 1709 September 2017
Cradle of Night 1812 December 2018
See also: Category:Artwork by Sally Gottschalk


See also: Category:Artwork by Sally Gottschalk

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