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Laria Longroad

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Laria Longroad
Laria Longroad.

Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 54, 55

Laria Longroad serves as the beloved proprietor of the Long Roads Coffeehouse in the city of Kintargo but harbours a secret history of tragedy.1


Born a slave in Cheliax, Laria Longroad's original name was Larisha Talltallow and her master was utterly vile and incredibly cruel. As a child, she watched both her brother and her mother flogged to death by the bastard son of her master. When, years later, this sadist turned his attention to Laria's father, she finally had enough and beat the cruel man to death with her own bare hands, but she was too late to save her father. She was smuggled by her fellow slaves to the Bellflower Network where she served as a tiller for the organisation for many years. Laria Longroad eventually settled down; using forged paperwork and a new identity, she established her coffeehouse in the comparative safe-haven of Kintargo.1


Laria Longroad now lives a double life: she is still a member of the Bellflower Network helping slaves from across Cheliax and Nidal escape to free lives in the distant frontier lands of Varisia. As part of her role as a facilitator for the Bellflower Network, she knows almost every malcontent, rebel, smuggler, and ne'r-do-well across the whole city. This is unknown to the majority of her customers who just know Laria as the good-natured, gossipy owner of their favourite coffeehouse. Her clientele mostly come from the well-to-do neighbourhoods of Villegre and The Greens. Despite her grim past, Laria is still incredibly friendly, gossiping and flirting with others and always trying to get them to open up about themselves. When alone sometimes, the thoughts of her troubled past come flooding back, so she endeavours to keep herself surrounded by friends and acquaintances as much as possible.1


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