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Monarchy (maharajah)
Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71

Indapatta is the breathtakingly beautiful capital of the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra that was founded by the first Maharajah Khiben-Sald.1 The city is located within the Golden Basin region of Vudra on the north-eastern banks of Sona Lake.2

City design

The sprawling palace of the Maharajah (currently Maharajah Rajeshwar) sits at the very centre of the city. From this incredible complex, the rest of the city sprawls out like a lotus, its districts following the harmonic natural design of the lotus flower. Within Indapatta's walls are countless gardens, bazaars, palaces, courts, and menageries that, in the event of an invasion, could be sealed, like the petals of a lotus, and turn the wondrous city into an impenetrable defensive bastion.3


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