Falling Mountains

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Falling Mountains

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71

The Falling Mountains is one of the nine regions that make up the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra. The Lohaparbat Mountains separate the Falling Mountains region from the rest of Vudra and the province sits in the mountain range's rain shadow. The steppes that stretch between the mountains and the Obari Ocean are blessed with regular gentle rain making it a perfect place to grow tea. The city of Chalya is the most easily accessible overland settlement and, as such, has many visitors both from the neighbouring region of the Cradle and the rest of Vudra. While the centre of the region is a haven for tea production, the more remote corners are much more inhospitable to civilisation. To the west, the Lohaparbat Mountains scrape the very clouds and are ravaged by incredibly powerful storms, while in the eastern reaches the land is rent asunder producing regular rockslides and lava flows. This geological instability is attributed to the mechanical god Dhuangir, who supposedly lies buried beneath the mountains.1

The Falling Mountains has the highest population of garuda in all of Vudra, from here they maintain their endless enmity with their ancient enemies, the naga. The Lohaparbat Mountains are home to populations of both yeti and far more dangerous monsters, including wendigos. The eastern end of the Falling Mountains is also home to a large population of hryngars2 who worship Dhuangir and endlessly excavate the mountains in an attempt to free him. So far, their biggest success has been the creation of a vast lava pool called Sholay. Finally, the southern shore is home to one of the most notorious prisons in all Vudra, the Bhula Prison. Built on an island along a desolate length of shoreline, Bhula was designed to keep certain criminals and creatures from setting foot on Vudra's sacred lands ever again.1


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