Wide Water

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Wide Water

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 73

Wide Water is one of the most fertile regions in all the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra. Wide Water roughly follows the length of the Matra River as it winds from its head waters in the Johar Mountains near the city of Ukhrul all the way to the Embaral Ocean. While flooding is common along the entire length of the Matra River, it is expected and normally rejuvenates the land rather than devastating it. The mahajanapadas along the Matra are not just rich in food but also others commodities like clay, pottery, and textiles, harvested from the river's rich natural bounty.1

To the north-west of Wide Water, at the head of the Matra River, the city of Ukhrul boasts a mighty military force and an expansionist ruler, Rajah Shavit. Further east, sits the holy city of Valishava, renowned for its numerous temples and known for its high priest Razdara: she and her acolytes regularly travel the planes searching for spiritual wisdom. Further down the river lies Radripal, City of Arches, and capital of the Danamsa mahajanapada and ruled by the secret rakshasa Rajah Akashar. Finally, near the mouth of the Matra River sits Lipror, the so called City of Lotuses.1


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