Pardaparbat Mountains

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The Pardaparbat Mountains1 stretch across the north-western reaches of Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra, separating the lush interior from the Obari Ocean. The majority of the Pardaparbat Mountains lie in the region of the Western Ghats but the range also extends into the Narhari Desert. Around the valley of Viritash's Tail, a large number of linnorms and other corrupted dragons battle each other for control of the valley and the unholy artifact that lies at its heart. In the very south of the range, sits the towns of Adhaarm and Vinpinna, each controlled by a different set of undead martial artists.2 Within the highest reaches of the mountain, settlements and temples of the Vudrani-Parbatkay ethnicity can be found.3


  1. On the map of Vudra in Sixty Feet Under, these mountains are spelt 'Paraparbat Mountains'; the wiki takes the spelling used in the main text until another source confirms either way.
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