Golden Basin

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Golden Basin

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71f.'

The Golden Basin is one of the central regions of the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra. One of the most beautiful regions, it is also home to the Vudran capital city, Indapatta. Many mahajanapadas rule over the lands of the Golden Basin, competing to build magnificent palaces, libraries, temples, and monuments, but none can compete with the sublime splendour of Indapatta.1 Beyond the city walls, the area known as Sacred Soil is home to some of the most productive fields, orchards, and rice paddies. Rajah Hemanth rules over one of these breadbasket mahajanapadas.2

The Kalyan River bisects the Golden Basin region, flowing from Johar Mountains to the north its head is the mountain Adarparbat, which is supposedly held sacred by the goddess Sarenrae. The Kalyan River gathers tiny flecks of gold from its riverbanks and when it reaches Sona Lake it imparts a magical golden glow when the light strikes the lake just right. At the end of the Kalyan River, a colossal statue known as The Devi stands over two hundred feet tall. The statue depicts the psychic Vanitapati and stands where she used her potent psychic abilities to overcome the Spawn of Rovagug known as Kothogaz. The Devi has become a site of holy pilgrimage and psychic power. To the north, almost forgotten, lies the village of Udayasankar. Udayasankar is significant as it sits near a small cave that is home to the Stone Egg of Jayalakshmi, a powerful artifact that during the ancient Age of Legend first opened the minds of the humans who studied it.2


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