Matra River

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The holy symbol of Matravash, goddess of the Matra River.

The Matra River is an incredibly long river that stretches over two and a half thousand miles through Vudra and bisects the city of Radripal. The Matra River serves as the main artery of transport from the Obari Ocean to the west into the heart of Vudra itself.


The river has its own goddess, Matravash, and is seen as a facilitator of civilisation, as it connects countless communities, and enables the flow of both trade and ideas. Lotuses are found along the length of the Matra; according to legend, the river once contained nothing but rapids but, upon falling in love with the beautiful lotus blossoms, the goddess Matravash calmed herself to allow the delicate lotus blossoms to flourish.


The Matra River is fed by Vudra's fearsome monsoon rains and often floods its banks, distributing fertile silt across the river's floodplain.1


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