Seekers Usanji

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Seekers Usanji

Multi-faith order of hunters
Asura hunters
Source: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, pg(s). 72

Seekers Usanji are a multi-faith group that focuses on hunting down and destroying the deadly asura. The Seekers Usanji are based in Vudra as it unfortunately is a haven for the god-hating asura. With its thousand deities, the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra are rife with the religious ruins that asuras favour for making their lairs in. The asura are scattered across the entire length and breadth of Vudra, so the Seekers Usanji have to maintain a large network of contacts and informants. They even often have to rely on outside adventurers to help them deal with the unholy asura threat.1


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