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Cloud dragon

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Cloud Dragon

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Type Dragon
(air, extraplanar)
CR 5–21 (by age category)
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 96f.

Cloud dragons are dragons native to the Elemental Plane of Air. They are one example of the extraplanar true dragons known as primal dragons.[1]


Cloud dragons have distinctive four-horned heads and short snouts. Their bodies appear to exude wisps of smoke.[2]

Habitat and society

Cloud dragons are solitary creatures. They have no interest in politics or intrigue, preferring to travel as the urge takes them. They enjoy meeting new creatures and, like many other dragons, gaining new treasures from them. They lair in high places, returning from time to time to deposit their latest acquisitions.[3]


As with all true dragons, cloud dragons gain in power as they age. They have formidable physical abilities, and as they age they gain spell-like abilities and sorcerous spellcasting. They can also see through mist and clouds with ease.

Adult cloud dragons can transform themselves into a cloudy vapour, with no reduction to their flying speed. The thunderous clash of a very old cloud dragon's teeth can cause sonic damage to those it bites, in addition to the normal bite damage.

Cloud dragons can breathe a line of electricity.[4]