Noble houses of Cheliax

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House Thrune rules over Cheliax.

House Thrune may currently be the most powerful of the noble houses of Cheliax, but it is certainly not the only one. Some of these other noble houses have existed for centuries, while others were commoners raised after the civil war in payment for their loyalty to the House of Thrune. Most of the oldest houses survived the civil war, although those who aligned themselves with the diabolists early in the war have claimed the greatest prestige and wealth. Whatever can be said about the new nobility's morality, they objectively rule more effectively than the old nobility did before the war.1 Three ruling families from the time before the Thrune Ascendancy still hold power: House Carthagnian holds sway in Longmarch from the city of Corentyn, House Narikopolus rules Menador from Kantaria, and House Henderthane controls Sirmium from Ostenso.2

Most members of the nobility continue making pacts with various devils in exchange for incredible temporal power. Those who do not espouse diabolism keep it to themselves, as any talk against the methods of the current regime can lead to the complete eradication of an entire bloodline.1

Noble titles

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Chelish nobility are arranged in a strict hierarchy of three broad categories (dukes, counts, and barons), each with their own subcategories, for a sum of nine ranks modeled after the nine levels of Hell; the Majestrix and her family are above this order.2


The highest rank of the standard nobility are the archdukes, which are fixed at six members, each of whom rule one of the archduchies of Cheliax. Archduke is a hereditary title that is held by a single family that has not changed much since the turmoil of the civil war.2



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