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Nation Cheliax
Region Archduchy of Menador
Size Small town
Population 1,200
Demographics 1,004 humans, 97 halflings, 73 dwarves, 18 tieflings, 8 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Demonym Kantarians
Adjective Kantarian
Ruler House Narikopolus / Governor Oppian Nevilindor

Source: Wrath of Thrune, pg(s). 65

The Chelish town of Kantaria stands just west of the Sedna River, between the Barrowood and the Menador Mountains to the north.[1] It is the capital of the Archduchy of Menador.[2]


Kantaria is the only settlement of note in the region. It relies upon trade of minerals and slaves from the mountains, merchant caravans, and shadow-masters from Nidal traveling to Egorian.[3][4]

Rumours speak of a nomadic group of escaped slaves being led along the Jeni River by a woman known only as Alessa, who might be the last scion of an almost-forgotten noble family that once ruled Kantaria. Although House Napaciza has sent its best trackers and House Narikopolus its renowned archers to locate this woman, she has thus far eluded capture, and House Narikopolus will not confirm her potentially noble birth.[5][4]


The town and archduchy is ruled by House Narikopolus, which was loyal to House Thrune during the Chelish Civil War.[3] The House has maintained its rule over Menador since the 3800s AR.[4]


The mortal Iomedae ruled the city of Kantaria for a year and a day while it was under siege, successfully defending it. This event was so important that it is recorded in Iomedae's canon as the Tenth Act of the eleven Acts of Iomedae.[6][4][7]


Paizo published a major article about Kantaria in Wrath of Thrune, and the town is the adventure's setting.

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