Order of Cyphers

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Order of Cyphers
A Cyphermage.

Study the monuments of Varisia
Regional (Varisia)
Wizards, sages, historians
See also: Cyphermage (prestige class)

The Order of Cyphers,1 often known as Cyphermages, is an organisation of wizards and scholars who have dedicated themselves to the secrets of Varisia's ancient monuments. They set out to explore areas of interest throughout Varisia.2 Cyphermages are students of ancient history and runic lore, with a focus on the monuments and magic of Thassilon. They are respected for their depth of knowledge about the history of Varisia. Though bound by their common interest in Thassilonian culture, individual Cyphermages pursue a diverse range of study.3

Their headquarters is the Cypher Lodge in Riddleport. Room and board, as well as an extensive library, is open to both Cyphermages (for 1 gp a night) and non-members (for 20 gp a night). The guest rooms are frequently full, despite these prices.4 Recently, the Order of Cyphers has begun to establish small bases elsewhere throughout Varisia, whether in large cities like Magnimar, small towns like Galduria, or rural areas like the fringes of Churlwood, and the foothills of the Fenwall Mountains.5

Several years ago, the Cyphermages were more aggressive in controlling the knowledge they had gathered. Recently, they see themselves as the last line of defense against an ancient era's madness and they try to educate the public about their studies.5

The Order is led by the mage and crime lord Elias Tammerhawk.6 Other notable members are Eilowyn Summitor and Fiaro Belagrossi.5

Cyphermages often require the services of adventurers. Though some Cyphermages are able explorers, most are arcane scholars who lack adventuring skills.5


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