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Sky dragon

Sky dragons are a species of imperial dragon most commonly found in the mountains of central and southern Tian Xia, and are also known as tienlungs.12 Beautiful creatures that snake through the heavens, they are fierce protectors of all who are good, and are often sought out for their wise counsel.1 Sky dragons are the most religious of the imperial dragons, and visitors to their mountain lairs often do so for purposes of religious pilgrimage.3


Sky dragons reflect the blue-gray colors of the sky in their scale coloration, though the exact coloration depends on what minerals the sky dragon had access to in its youth. Like all imperial dragons, sky dragons are long and sinuous without the wings of their chromatic or metallic kin. One major difference between sky dragons and their imperial kin is their wing-line fins on their forearms. These wings offer no aid in flight, and scholars remain uncertain about their purpose.3


The breath weapon of a sky dragon is a fierce ball of lightning. Religious sky dragons can channel this lightning through their attacks to particularly great affect against the undead and fiends.4 Ancient sky dragons are able to use great bursts of electricity in wide emanations around them to stun their opponents and knock them out of the sky.5 Surprisingly, sky dragons do not have the control over weather that their sea dragon counterparts possess.3

Sky dragons are the metal-aspected member of the draconic cycle, and as such, have an inherent weakness to fire. Fire magic or flaming weapons weaken the protective scales of a sky dragon, rendering it somewhat more vulnerable to attack for a short time. Earth-aspected abilities thrown at a sky dragon will only collect in the natural eddies and miniature gusts of wind that surround sky dragons, granting the creature a sort of floating earthen shield, obscuring the dragon.

Known sky dragons

Easily the most famous sky dragon, Shinonome has long served as the herald of the goddess Shizuru.5


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