Sunstone Cliffs

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The Sunstone Cliffs lie in the very north-eastern corner of the Thanelands in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings in the foothills of the Stormspear Mountains range.1 The cliffs are famous for the gemstones found there called Thrain sunstones, unique gems that glow with a warm yellow light and whose flaws allow knowledgeable users to determine which way is north. Named for the prospector who discovered them, Thrain sunstones vary from smaller, inferior gems with the brightness of a candle to those that glow like a lantern and any jewellery made from sunstones will fetch huge prices across the Inner Sea region.2

Unfortunately, the Sunstone Cliffs are a very dangerous region since they serve as the hunting ground for large groups of trolls and even rock trolls making it particularly dangerous at night. Those who come here to prospect for Thrain sunstones have to harvest them with great stealth and in very quick runs lest they end up as troll food.2


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