Hero's Rest

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Hero's Rest, in the Hagreach region of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, is a memorial to honor the most famous of those who have died defending Hagreach from the Irriseni raiders and whose bodies have not been recovered, remaining where they were slain across the border in Irrisen. All Hero's Rest cairns and graves are empty and the memorial is also known as the Empty Boneyard. The hilltop memorial which overlooks the eastern border is protected by a silver dragon named Avaleru. The dragon has no true love for the violent Ulfen neighbors, but she hates the Irriseni witches and their agents. It is said that Avaleru uses a part of the regular yearly tithes she gets as a guardian to grant magical boons to kind and good-mannerly Ulfen, assuming the form of a mysterious silver-haired woman.1

The hill of Hero's Rest is located on the western bank of the Iceflow River, 50 miles north of Blackraven Hall and opposite τhe Irriseni towns of Yensa and Soduras.23


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