Dragon's Rib

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Dragon's Rib, at center.

Dragon's Rib is an uninhabited island within the Ironbound Archipelago and is the most northerly island of Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands.1

It is a forbidding landscape of thick pine forests, rugged hills and tors. The valleys between the hills are often filled with lakes and bogs. The island's Black Tarn, a mountain top lake, is arguably the most infamous location in all the Ironbound Islands.

The main inhabitants of the surface world are the fey, but there is also a large network of caverns beneath the island, which is home to dangerous vermin, mites and vegepygmies.23 Fjord linnorms are known to hunt around the nearby Devil's Drain that dominates the channel between Dragon's Rib and the Linnorm Kingdom of Southmoor.4


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