Blackraven Hall

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Blackraven Hall is a fortress constructed for the sole purpose of monitoring the eastern border of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings from the monstrous creatures in neighbouring Irrisen. It is the largest fortress in the nation, and overlooks the Rimeflow River in the eastern Linnorm Kingdom of Hagreach.12


The massive granite fortification of Blackraven Hall is located on the border with Irrisen, its crenellations topped with the decapitated heads of ice trolls and other evil minions of the Witch Queen.3


Built in 3314 AR, Blackraven Hall was always intended as a bulwark against the forces of the Baba Yaga.4 It was built atop the foundations of a Thassilon pyramid, an enormous granite structure filled with numerous underground chambers and strange magical resources. These ancient resources (including bound golems and controlled outsiders) have proven invaluable in the defense of Blackraven Hall time and time again, especially against the vile witch magic that could have slain the human defenders with ease.2


The organisation known as the Blackravens is responsible for the fortress' defense. Their leader, Freyr Darkwine, has spent the last decade improving the already formidable defenses by orchestrating the excavation of a moat, and the building of spike-filled ditches and other obstacles designed to hinder attackers. Several river drakes have allied themselves with the Blackravens, inhabiting the moat and strengthening the defenses even further.2 Darkwine's second-in-command, Stenvast Trollkiller is a young huscarl who would like nothing more than to launch in invasion of Irrisen and retake the lands lost more than a millennium ago during the Winter War.3


The Blackravens constantly patrol along Hagreach's eastern border, and carefully monitor the trade between the two nations, enforcing heavy tolls on any ships that use the Rimeflow River. The fortress accepts refugees from Irrisen but typically imprisons them for several days, weeks, or longer, before deciding whether the newcomer is a friend or a foe.2


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