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Kopparberget is a huge open-pit copper mine located on the northern reaches of the Kodar Mountains in the Linnorm Kingdom of Southmoor. The mine sits at the point where several deep lucrative veins of metals converge. Although the mine has been in operation for many decades, it still provides a great portion of Linnorm Kingdoms' wealth.1


The lucrative Kopparberget mine has changed hands from one Linnorm King to another many times and today is in the hands of Sveinn Blood-Eagle of Kalsgard, who wrested control of it from Opir Eightfingers's hands in 4701 AR.1 The mine functions under the stewardship of the master Stengrim Ring-Forger and the Kopparberget dwarves.


At the edges of Kopparberget's great pit a bustling mining and trade town has been formed. The town serves rough miners and mountaineers as well as passing travelers and it is full of brothels, gambling dens, and taverns.1 The dwarves of Kopparberget live in clans, as is the traditional fashion of many dwarves; nevertheless, Kopparberget dwarves remain friendly to other races.2


The mine produces tons of copper ingots which are loaded to caravans and conveyed to Kalsgard for processing.1

The mine

A stone fortress has been built above the mine's shafts and is guarded by dwarf arbalesters and Ulfen huscarls from Kalsgard. Two mighty stone golems guard the fortress' heavy iron gates.1

A small portion of the tunnels and shafts of the mine is still actively worked. The older excavations are abandoned or disused. Some tunnels are flooded with freezing waters, others are full of subterranean fungi and vermin and others has been claimed by gremlins. But most importantly, recent delves by the dwarves accidentally broke through into Nar-Voth, opening the mine to hryngar3 tunnels. Hryngars invaded the lower levels, conquered several deep excavations and the entire mine became a battleground. Presently, the two groups have reached a stalemate, fortifying their areas and probing each other's positions using scouting groups. The gray dwarves mounted on giant cave spiders raid small groups of Kopparberget miners in isolated tunnels and their cloaker allies move silently through abandoned tunnels looking for forgotten entrances to the higher levels.1

A number of copper-plated clockwork golems have been constructed by the dwarves to patrol their tunnels and Kopparberget's master, Stengrim Ring-Forger, has also put out a call to mercenaries throughout the north lands to work in the Kopparberget, promising a high reward.1


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