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Small town
1,665 half-orcs, 83 humans, 32 dwarves
Council (council of three)
3 councillors
Source: Bastards of Golarion, pg(s). 14-15

The town of Averaka is located on the south-western coast of the island of Flintyreach in the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands and is predominantly populated by half-orcs.2 The remote island of Flintyreach was long considered too dangerous and barren to be worth settling. A small group of half-orcs decided to settle in the island and they managed to establish the now flourishing town of Averaka. They have granted the right to accept any half-orc to settle there, making the Averaka the largest half-orc settlement in the Inner Sea. The town is a haven of the half-orc culture. Most residents are occupied in fishing and railing while the others work in a supporting industry as shipwrights, or sail-makers. There are also a few small farms around the town.3

Averaka is ruled by a council of three: Kalla Tusk-Breaker, Bravok, and Suota Iron-Tongue. Councilor Kalla leads the town guards, the groups that patrol the island's interior, and the raiding groups that help fund the town. Councilor Bravok is a cleric of Desna and often travels to other Linnorm Kingdoms, Varisia and beyond, spreading the word of Averaka among the half-orcs to recruit more settlers. Suota Iron-Tongue is the official keeper of the town's lore, mentor of the local artists, and moderator of the yearly meeting of Orcmoot.3

The greatest threat to Averaka comes from the hill giants, ettins and trolls who live in the mountains of the island's interior. The giants are organized in independent clans or under the sway of the hill giant war chief Gorgnak. The half-orcs of Averaka fight fiercely the giants and welcome anyone who shares their hate. The Averaka giant slayers have dedicated themselves to the eradication of their monstrous neighbors.4


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