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Battlewall, at center.

Battlewall is the most civilized and populated of the islands within the Ironbound Archipelago and the most westerly island comprising the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands.1

The island's name comes from the appearance of its upthrust hills, which loom over the surrounding sea like a rampart. The lowlands of the island are some of the most fertile farmland in the entire region. Halgrim, the capital of the Ironbound Islands, is found on the north of the island, while the town of Frembrudd is perched above the southern cliffs of the island. Away from these larger settlements, the rural reaches of Battlewall are populated by farmers whose families have often dwelt on the same patch of land for dozens of generations and are generally suspicious of both outsiders and change.2

The centre of Battlewall is dominated by a forbidding mountain chain that is inhabited by giants that fled the fall of Old Cyrusian and are distant descendants of the ancient Thassilonian empire's giant slaves. The new queen, White Estrid, has earned a lot of respect from the dour lowland farmers by increasing patrols that have mostly kept the rampaging giants and the other monsters contained within the mountains.2


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