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Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 14

Hagreach is nowadays the easternmost of the seven current Linnorm Kingdoms of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings after the witch Baba Yaga invaded the eastern Linnorm Kingdom of Raemerrund and the Djurstor Confederacy and carved out the realm of Irrisen in 3313 AR.1


Freyr Darkwine who is the current Castellan of Trollheim and commander of Blackravens military organization, is the respectful de facto ruler of the region. He has not claimed the throne as he has not yet defeated a linnorm and does not plan to do so soon. Freyr is more interested to keep Hagreach safe, fighting the White Witches of Irrisen and their minions.1

While the Irriseni Queens have been mostly content with the boundaries between Hagreach and Irrisen, they encourage ice trolls, winter wolves, and mercenary bands to raid across the border, steal children, wreak havoc and loot the settlements. Residents of Hagreach live with this constant threat and are always ready to defend themselves. The capital, Trollheim, is heavily fortified while the smaller villages of the region resemble armed camps, surrounded by strong walls. Attacks on Hagreach settlements often become sieges, with defenders retreating to fortified buildings and holding out until the raiders exhaust their supplies.1


The strongest military organization of Hagreach is the Blackravens. It is an elite group of Ulfen warriors devoted to fighting against Irrisen. Companies of Blackravens rove the entire region, from the Stormspear Mountains to Grungir Forest, defending Hagreach from small-scale monstrous incursions supported by Irrisen. Larger contingents of Blackravens support the settlements by reinforcing the local militia against more organized raids. Moreover, the Blackravens lead successful Ulfen raids into Irrisen. Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim, is also Commander of the Blackravens.1


Hagreach's lands are mostly open tundra. There are only a few small forests and chain of hills in the south. Beyond the settlements, Hagreach is a wild, cold and desolate region, full of dangerous beasts and Irriseni raiders. Wolves, drakes, trolls and other more fearful monsters roam the region and almost every little copse and dell in the region is used as a lair of something dangerous. Only organized groups able to fight travel the area. Blackravens' support is always in high demand.1

Hagreach's inhabitants are mainly engaged with hunting and subsistence agriculture but great effort is always expended patrolling the border. They also work some small iron, silver and gem mines. The trade in gems they produce lets the region import weapons and extra food.1


The following are the main settlements in Hagreach:1


The following are the main locations in Hagreach:1


Rulers of Hagreach

Reign Title Name Remarks
Before Freyr Darkwine Linnorm Kings Unknown Many Linnorm Kings ruled Hagreach before Darkwine but usually for only a short time before dying trying to retake the lands of Irrisen
??? – Present Day Castellan of Trollheim Freyr Darkwine


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