Devil's Drain

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Devil's Drain is a dangerous whirlpool that lies in the Steaming Sea between the coasts of Southmoor and the Ironbound Island of Dragon's Rib.1 On a good day, there is just enough room either side of the Devil's Drain for a ship to pass through, though it is always treacherous. Using this route saves enough time on the passage to Varisia that desperate captains will still sometimes risk it. Devil's Drain appears to be a natural occurrence formed by oceanic currents but adventurers who have returned from its depths report mysterious deep rifts in the ocean floor below it. To make matters worse, the area surrounding Devil's Drain is known to have at times been home to dragon turtles, fjord linnorms, scyllas and krakens who often drive ships into the whirlpool to feast on the shipwrecked sailors.2