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Aegos is the larger and more northerly island of the two main islands comprising the Linnorm Kingdom of Broken Bay; the other island being Orthost.[1] On Aegos are found the capital, Bildt which boasts the only natural harbour in the region, and the whaling town of Skjoldmur, which also serves as a gateway to Orthost. Aegos is surrounded by several smaller uninhabited rocky isles. Aegos is renowned for stormy weather that makes its treacherous coast dangerous to travel. Its coast line is strewn with shipwrecks which lead to Broken Bay being given its name. Aegos is the most civilised of the islands of Broken Bay but its people are tough and warlike even viewing their fellow countrymen as weak and cowardly. Most people who live on Aegos live on either the southern or eastern shores. The centre and northwest of the island are cold, forsaken lands roamed mainly by wolves, worgs and winter wolves. [2]