Monolith Glacier

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The Monolith Glacier lies at the very north-western corner of the Thanelands in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings; it is formed in the western reaches of the high Stormspear Mountains range and is slowly moving southwards. The Monolith Glacier has a distinct, very symmetrical oblong shape and those few brave explorers who have ventured up onto the glacier report seeing a large fortress entombed within the very heart of the glacier. Monolith Glacier is a very dangerous place to explore: blizzards often engulf it; its surface is riddled with crevasses and ice tunnels created by the numerous deadly remorhazes that make their home in the depths of the glacier. Unbeknownst to everyone, the glacier is actually alive, a sentient elemental that speaks with a voice of grinding ice and might be willing to allow access to the strange structure at its heart to anyone who can rid it of the pesky remorhazes infesting it.12


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