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Zaltir, a village on the banks of the Junira river.

The Junira is a major river in northern Garund. It flows north from the Barrier Wall into the Inner Sea. In addition to providing a source of water for the city of Lamasara on its western banks, it also serves as the border between the nations of Thuvia and Osirion. There are two sets of ruins near where the river meets the Scarab River. On opposite banks, they are the Ruins of Akhenaten in Thuvia and the Ruins of el-Amara in Osirion.1

Unlike the River Sphinx, Junira has no flood cycle and the land surrounding it is mostly infertile desert. Aside from a few stretches of canyon, the river flows between gentle, sandy banks. Its few reedy stretches hide crocodiles and some areas holding forested swamps are home to nuckelavees—evil fey that attack anybody that despoils the land's natural state.2


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