Klarwa Fountain

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The Klarwa Fountain is located in the desert of western Osirion, in the region known as the Footprints of Rovagug.1 The site is a bowl-shaped depression filled with rain water atop a steep cinder cone from a long-extinct volcano, which rises hundreds of feet above the surrounding area. The water never quite evaporates despite the heat, and gases occasionally vent from deep within the cone. The violent plumes of water are sometimes visible from miles away, and one such column drew the attention of the anchorite Klarwa as he was dying of thirst in the badlands during the Second Age, giving the landmark its name.

As of 4714 AR the hill is used by the few travelers making their way through western Osirion, and its water makes the ascent up the steep hill well worth the effort. Some hermits live within sight of the Klarwa Fountain and hike up its sides when driven by desperate thirst, as anchorite holy Klarwa was.2


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