Sokar's Boil

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Sokar's Boil is one of Osirion's two volcanoes—the other is the nearby Asuulek's Mouth. Both are located in the country's southwestern region known as the Footprints of Rovagug. Sokar's Boil (or just the Boil as it is sometimes called) is currently dormant. The last eruption took place some three thousand years ago and was extremely violent.1

Recent History

Illegal excavations carried out during the reign of Khemet II found an ancient temple carved into the side of the mountain. There are also some large, sealed doors that presumably lead into the interior of the volcano. It is believed these ruins date back at least to the Age of Destiny.1

The current ruler, Khemet III, has taken an interest in the ruins. This interest appears to coincide with the first appearance of the prince's fire elemental advisor Janhelia. In a further apparent coincidence, the red dragon Asuulek also began taking an interest in Sokar's Boil at around the same time, even to the extent of neglecting his lair in the neighbouring volcano.1


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