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Majeed Nores

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Majeed Nores

Source: Winter Witch, pg(s). see Winter Witch/Index

Majeed Nores is a famous astronomer of Korvosa who, in 4710 AR, moved to Whitethrone in Irrisen. He owns a manor in the Cliffside ward of the Heights district of Korvosa, which has a rooftop observatory.1


Nores is a bald, indeed hairless, tubby male with pale skin.2 He often comes across as sour and cantankerous.3


As an astronomer associated with a teaching establishment, Nores takes on apprentices; he treats them with little respect and does not suffer fools gladly.4 Able to keep a manor and servants, Nores is quite wealthy.5

Move to Whitethrone

One of Nores' apprentices was Declan Avari and, through that acquaintance, Nores was transported magically from his home in Korvosa to Whitethrone. Avari set off on his adventure to rescue the kidnapped astronomer as well as Silvana. Nores, however, found his new job and conditions in the famous Observatory Arcanis in Whitethrone to his liking, and is probably unlikely to return to his Korvosan home.6