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Titles Queen of Dis
Home Dis, Hell
Alignment Lawful neutral
Areas of Concern Deduction
mind reading
Worshipers Soothsayers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Trickery
Subdomains Deception, Espionage, Leadership, Memory, Thought
Favored Weapon Light mace
Symbol Halo of runes
Sacred Animal Deer
Sacred Colors Green, tan

Erecura is the Queen of Dis, the current spouse of Dispater, an archdevil and ruler of Hell's second layer. Once a mortal soothsayer, it is said that Erecura stole the secret to divinity from Pharasma herself, who banished her to Hell as punishment. There she met Dispater and became one of his closest advisors and diviners. Their casual romance eventually pushed the archdevil to take Erecura as his most recent wife. Her worship is virtually unknown on Golarion, practiced almost exclusively among soothsayers, and is for obvious reasons strongly tied to the veneration of Dispater.[1][2]


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