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Titles Knight of the Laurels; Sentinel of Dis
Home The Forked Pyre, The Hanging Marches, Avernus, Hell
Alignment Lawful evil
Areas of Concern Duty
Worshipers Merciless knights, corrupt druids, evil centaurs, and hobgoblins
Cleric Alignments
Domains Evil, Fire, Law, Plant
Subdomains Ash, Devil, Growth, Slavery
Favored Weapon Trident
Symbol Avernus Claw: flaming pitchfork
Sacred Animal Snake
Sacred Colors Red, yellow

Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 38ff.
Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 27
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 38

Furcas is an infernal duke in the service of the archdevil Barbatos who makes his home in a fortress called the Forked Pyre, which straddles a cataract of lava on Hell's first layer, Avernus. His citadel is the most frequently traveled route into the next layer, Dis. Furcas appears as a figure in dark armor. His loyalty to Barbatos grants him special prestige in the archdevil's service.[1][2]

Furcas is said to know the secrets of fire and herbalism, both to create and destroy.[3]

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Unholy symbol

The now deceased archdevil Typhon presented Furcas with a trident called the Avernus Claw that now serves as the infernal duke's unholy symbol.[4]


Paizo published a major article about Furcas in Hell Unleashed 38ff.

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