House Crabbe

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House Crabbe
Type Noble house
Leader Dame Parthena Crabbe
Headquarters Moost, Taldor
Scope Regional
Structure Familial

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 68

House Crabbe is one of the aristocratic families that rule over the various baronies of Meratt County. House Crabbe's barony lies between the Void Wood and the Lionsmane Forest, with its main town of Moost sitting along the North Cassomir Highway. Since the passing of her husband Borragrame Crabbe, the house is now headed by Dame Parthena Crabbe, a somewhat opinionated gossip. Her current obsession is finding a suitable suitor for her daughter Sepsinia Crabbe. House Crabbe used to run a successful conservatory based within the Crabbe Estate but, since the passing of Borragrame, Dame Parathena has lost the enthusiasm she once had for teaching.[1]


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