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Nation Taldor
Region Tandak Prefecture
Size Hamlet
Population 50

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 68

The hamlet of Moost grew up around the nearby Crabbe Estate and attends to the family's cranberry bogs but has also flourished into a small almost self-sufficient little community (Moost still somewhat relies on the financial support of House Crabbe).[1] Moost is also famous for hosting the largest and nicest coaching house along the North Cassomir Highway. Dame Parthena Crabbe used to run a very successful conservatory tutoring young musicians and dancers at the nearby Crabbe Estate that bolstered Moost's economy but the number of students has dwindled since Parthena's husband passed away.[2] Moost is awash with gossip, the most common being around possible suitors for the Crabbe heiress Sepsinia Crabbe.[1]