New Towne

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New Towne

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 68

New Towne is the most rundown settlement in all of the Meratt County region of Taldor. New Towne is made up of the former inhabitants of Jambis who fled the now-ruined settlement and live in shockingly squalid conditions, many residents living in what amounts to little more than tents. The residents are still technically under the protection of House Telus but the last baron, Araig Telus, has been absent for at least a decade.1

After fleeing Jambis, many of the residents settled in an area that looked promising for farming but, in reality, the soil was poor and New Towne has struggled to support itself since being founded a decade ago. The settlement is currently led by Tribune Caphridius Vort, a good man who is, however, more interested in operas and finery and who is way out of his depth.2 An aiuvarin upstart named Felsha has been advocating on behalf of New Towne to anyone who will listen.1


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