Ralthorn Manor

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Ralthorn Manor was once the summer home of a minor Cassomiri noble family in the Meratt County region of the Tandak Prefecture. Now, it is little more than ruins. House Ralthorn was one of Taldor's many minor noble houses; they had made their money in shipbuilding in Cassomir and spared little expense in building their lavish summer estate in the more bucolic Meratt County. Unfortunately, around 20 years after the estate's completion, it was struck by one of the region's rare earthquakes, which collapsed the majority of the manor.1

It was over a month before anyone came to investigate and those who did discovered all the family crushed to death in their beds. Although the family's remains were excavated and removed for proper burial, rumours persist that the family still haunts the site to this day. Hunters who venture near the manor report ghostly child-like figures that play amongst the remains of the orchard watched by a stern woman who seems to manifest from the remains of crushed stone.1


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