Tandak Plains

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The Tandak Plains in Taldor stretch from the southern edge of the Fog Peaks to the Zimar Scrublands, and from the Inner Sea to the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains. The plains were once part of a vast primeval forest, but 6,000 years of civilization transformed it into grasslands. It is split by the Porthmos River in the central region and the Verduran Fork in the north. A network of canals, most of them ruined, crisscross the plains. The snow-covered Mount Antios, a craggy peak of the World's Edge Mountains, stands tall above the south-central plains. The winds blow steadily from west to east across the Tandak Plains, bringing heavy thunderstorms in late summer.1

The northern portion of the grasslands is lush, while rugged scrubs covers most of the southern extent. Numerous small villages dot the landscape, providing foodstuff for the cities. The plains are also cross-crossed with unmaintained roads and aging canals, which are regularly patrolled by the Taldan Phalanx who ensure the continued villages' loyalty.2

The land is almost free of threats with the exception of some roving gangs, vagabond communities, and the occasional conflicts between governors of the various Tandak prefectures. The Tandak Plains are still home to large prides of lions, especially in the Porthmos Gap near the headwaters of the North Fork of the Porthmos River. ankhravs, bulettes, giant ants, and giant bees can be found on the plains.1