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Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Halfling
Class Expert 1 / Barbarian 2
Gender Male
Homeland Lake Pensaris, Taldor

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 67

Jeke is a hermit who lives in a makeshift home at the northern end of Lake Pensaris in Meratt County. Jeke once lived in nearby Pensaris but grew tired of his life there. He now refers to himself as "The General's butler". The General is a semi-legendary creature that lives in the depth of Lake Pensaris and is responsible for the occasional missing fisherman on the Lake. Jeke claims to be the only person able to speak with it. Some superstitious locals believe that the General is some sort of fey monster and Jeke is the only one keeping it in check but in truth the General is a monstrously large Catfish and Jeke merely a teller of tall tales.[1]