Lionsmane Forest

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The Lionsmane Forest sits at the north-west corner of Meratt County in northern Taldor, although, it is more a collection of smaller copses rather than a true forest. Its remote location means that the Lionsmane has been overlooked by the county's loggers and is older and more pristine than most of the county's other woodlands. The Lionsmane Forest has always provided shelter for occasional outcasts but, recently, it has become home to a few dozen locals who have been made homeless by the crushing taxes levied by the Lotheeds across the county. These outcasts have erected lean-tos and huts across the forest and are known for accosting travellers and even robbing the occasional lone noble on the North Cassomir Highway and other nearby roads. These outlaws and the whole of the Lionsmane Forest have united under the leadership of Rena Winterall who has had a moderating influence.1


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