House Ralthorn

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House Ralthorn
Type Noble house
Leader Berlan Ralthorn (now deceased)
Headquarters Cassomir, Taldor
Scope Regional
Structure Familial

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 69

House Ralthorn were a minor noble house of Taldor that made their money from the shipbuilding industry in Cassomir but met a tragic end. Having made the family's fortune from their lucrative shipbuilding enterprises, Berlan Ralthorn decided to build a large summer estate in the bucolic Meratt County area, north of Cassomir in the Tandak Prefecture. Little expense was spared in the building of this summer getaway but less than 20 years after it was completed tragedy struck. A small earthquake shook the estate causing much of it to collapse and killed the entire family as they slept. Rumour has it the ghostly remnants of the family still haunt the ruined Ralthorn Manor to this day.[1]


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