Nicolaus Okerra

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Nicolaus Okerra
Titles Baron
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 6
Gender Male
Homeland Pensaris, Taldor
Organization House Okerra
Taldan Horse (ret.)
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Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 9–10, 58–59, 68

Baron Nicolaus Okerra is a popular aristocrat who rules from his hereditary seat of Okerra Estate near the town of Pensaris in the Taldan county of Meratt. Baron Okerra is a hero to the people of the county due to both his even-handed rulership and his dashing good looks.[1]


Nicolaus Okerra is a rugged man with dark skin. His salt-and-pepper hair is the only thing that reveals his age. He remains athletic in physique, if perhaps having grown a little softer round the waist with age.[1] He has a booming voice honed over years of battlefield command, and still prefers a simple, comfortable tunic over fancier, more aristocratic attire.[2]


Nicolaus Okerra has a fierce sense of loyalty to order, honed during his years in the Taldan Horse, which has stopped him criticising the nearby Lotheeds for the mismanagement of their land. Nicolaus is a man of action and has no time for empty words and hollow finery, although he does have a soft spot for good wine, and prefers physical activity over the intrigues of the nobility. Nicolaus is also a very hands-on ruler, always willing to help with the many improvement projects he has implemented, and he has even single-handedly slain several fearsome monsters that have harassed the county.[1] He is accordingly also a skilled jouster.[3]

His daughter Selli Okerra, having grown up on tales of her father's heroism, is something of a free-spirited troublemaker who aspires to join the Taldan military like her father. Despite his stoicism, Nicolaus is still a man affected by powerful moods with a bit of a temper, but since his beloved wife Nirvenna Okerra died in a confrontation with a troll, he has also suffered with bouts of deep depression.[1]


Most of Baron Nicolaus Okerra's life was spent with the Taldan Horse, and in his absence, his lands in Meratt county were administered by his wife Nirvenna. Despite his popularity and tireless efforts to improve the lot of the people of Pensaris, he secretly fears that he will never live up to Nirvenna's legacy of good rulership. Recently retired, he is slowly adjusting to civilian life and being the sole parent of his beloved daughter, Selli.[1]


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