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Small town
1,200 humans, 200 aiuvarins, 150 halflings, 50 other
Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 68

The small town of Lotheedar is the capital of Meratt County in the Tandak Prefecture of Taldor. The settlement is officially administered by Count Bartelby Lotheed who holds the position of tribune, although he has delegated most responsibilies to his seneschal.1

Lotheedar sits at a crossroads of both the Dalaston Highway and the North Cassomir Highway and upon the banks of Lake Stavian, at the very heart of Meratt County. It serves as the county's largest trading hub and is more prosperous than many of the surrounding communities. This is due to two very different devotees of Abadar, the first Sir Gul Gusairne is the seneschal of House Lotheed and is often considered the defacto leader as he administers the day-to-day affairs of the town. A strict enforcer of the law (some would say an aspiring petty tyrant), Sir Gul has always ensured a substantial share of the taxes he collects is reinvested in the town. The other is Archbanker Lady Paril who is the high priest of the local Grand Bank of Abadar and provides a counterbalance to Sir Gul's more despotic tendencies. In fact, some who frequent the town's most popular tavern, The Count's Cravat, whisper that Archbanker Lady Paril might make a much better ruler.2


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