Lauchlein Lake

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Lauchlein Lake is one of the more remote lakes of Meratt county.[1] Lauchlein Lake is shallow and filled with aquatic plants, small fish, and frogs;[2] it is often covered in mist, and its more swamp-like nature means the locals avoid it.[2] Lauchlein Lake used to play host to a fey court, but this was in the distant past, millennia ago when the Verduran Forest still covered the lands of modern-day Meratt county. Today, a small circle of standing stones still sits beside Lauchlein Lake, attesting to its ancient fey inhabitants.[1]

Lauchlein Lake has long been the subject of a variety of rumours; the stone circle, in particular, goes through decades-long cycles of being used for local weddings and events before then being shunned as a supposed site of foul rituals. A persistent rumour is that a now long-dead duke drowned his young wife after marrying her at the stone circle, and that the woman returned as a vengeful spirit who can take on the form of a swan. This old rumour has now become conflated with newer rumours about the very real vigilante known as the Night Swan.[1] Rumours also alternately claim that Lauchlein Lake is the home of either a serial killer or a murderous trio of kelpies.[2]


In truth, Lauchlein Lake does have a mysterious inhabitant but none of the rumours about her nature is quite correct. Atratus is the lake's sole guardian and has kept the lake a wild and beautiful place since the time of the fey courts. Atratus is a swan maiden, a fey protector of the wilds, who finds the presence of the nearby Oppara Highway disgraceful.[1]


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