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Gold Canyon

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Gold Canyon is not a natural canyon but is, instead, the remains of an ancient strip mine used in the early days of Taldor's history. Gold Canyon is located in Meratt County within the Tandak Prefecture, east of Cassomir.1 It is a deep ravine, eighty feet wide and thirty deep, that runs for almost ten miles in total and its bottom is filled with stagnant water.2 It once had a stone bridge crossing it but this collapsed decades ago during a small earthquake and, while it is the responsibility of Baron Telus, he has shown no interest in repairing the structure.1 Luckily, locals on foot can still cross the canyon relatively easily due to steps cut into the canyon's already stepped sides, however, it is impassable for horses and wagons.2

Gold Canyon once boosted a rich vein of gold and quartz that was mined out over 4,000 years ago and most of the metal was used to mint early Taldan coins. As such, the canyon is a minor holy site of Abadar and local worshippers make small pilgrimages to the site. Such followers search the bottom of the canyon for any remaining gold, taking even a small flake of it as a sign of Abadar's favour. Unbeknownst to these pilgrims, the canyon's floor is also home to a dangerous snake-like creature known as a Goldpebble.2


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