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Parthena Crabbe

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Parthena Crabbe

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 10

Dame Parthena Crabbe is the current head of House Crabbe and a significant figure in the aristocracy of Meratt County in Taldor's Tandak Prefecture. Dame Parthena is a broad set, middle-aged woman with a warm smile and expressive eyes. She is normally garbed in aristocratic finery and is known to be rather judgemental of other people's appearances. She is somewhat obsessed with propriety: dressing, eating, even sleeping, with an eye towards what is considered respectable for the Taldan nobility but never stops to question why.1

Dame Parthena is a known gossip but has a particular interest in the arts, antiques, and fashion. She is currently obsessed with finding a suitable suitor for her daughter Sepsinia Crabbe. Dame Parthena used to run a successful conservatory for musicians and dancers before the death of her husband Borragrame Crabbe.2


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