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Onora Piscum

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Onora Piscum

Honorary Tribune
Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 69

Onora Piscum serves as the honorary tribune of the small Taldan village of Stachys in Meratt County; this role is effectively a mix of both mayor and sheriff. She inherited the role from her deceased husband Royen Piscum who himself inherited the role after the death of the estate's last heir Allis Betony.1


Onora is a plain, muscular, and heavily freckled aiuvarin but, thanks to her elven heritage, she looks much younger than a typical 55 year old. Onora is at heart a country woman and tends to look deeply uncomfortable when amongst the aristocracy.2


Onora is a taciturn woman who is serves as a good administrator of Stachys but longs to return back to her old life running the public house Wolf's Whisker. She tends to keep her entire focus on the running of Stachys. Despite her commitment and attention to detail, she still feels overwhelmed by the task. Onora has a noticeable dislike of the rich and the only thing that drives her interaction with the aristocracy of Meratt County is to stop them completely forgetting about overlooked Stachys.2


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